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Kung Hey Fat Choi!

The Cantonese greeting for Chinese New Year doesn’t translate to “Happy New Year” but I believe means something along the lines of ‘Congratulations on your Prosperity” (I probably got that wrong), assuming your comfortable position and perhaps hints this might be a good moment to share the wealth. It is the season of lai see (red envelopes with money), dumpling eating, and the sweeping away of past grudges. If I must!

Meanwhile, the horsey ride at Kornhill Plaza has transformed into another display. 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Those pretty ponies are starting to make sense.

No sponsor,  just The Horse

No sponsor, just The Horse

What is the Horse all about? Energy, speed, industriousness, leadership. While I’m not looking forward to this banking town turning ever faster, I am taking on some new writing projects so East, West will become more visual (less wordy). Faster? ‘KEEP UP, PLEASE,’ says Pretty Pony.

As it is also a Wood Horse year. Please note this wise investing tip: avoid the “water” and “metal” industries http://www.fool.sg/2014/01/19/year-of-the-horse-industries-to-avoid/

Kornhill red lantern

What will you be galloping toward?