It is raining this week. Heavy rain. 60mm/day. Cold rain. 9-15 C. (A Cold Weather Warning was put in force at 07:45 HKT on 16.12.2013, source: HK Observatory.)

When it rains, up go the umbrellas—on the sidewalks we have a temporary roof over our heads and a high risk to getting your eyes poked out.

But when it rains we also remember An Amazing Thing about Hong Kong. That is, the umbrella cans and cover dispensers that are EVERYWHERE. Every store or restaurant will have a canister near the door where you can put your wet umbrella while you’re inside eating or shopping. No one every steals them and you can almost always find your exact one when you leave.

But when you enter certain other establishments, a grocery store, most any major lobby, a mall, (you get the idea) there is an amazingly simple machine that puts a plastic bag around your wet umbrella!

No drippy mess.

No drippy mess.

See the photo. Just slide your umbrella into the open bag top and pull it out again: covered! And not dripping all over the store and you. The machine I used today at the grocery store even had TWO SIZES.

Call me simple, but I find this to be an Amazing Thing about Hong Kong.