Reaching Your Target Market


Pretend for a minute that you are a marketer for a local Hong Kong bank. Through a detailed analysis of your customer base, you discover your bank’s clients are mostly men. How interesting! you think. There is a clear market we are not reaching, a whole half of the population we could draw to our bank. What an opportunity!

But we are a small local Hong Kong bank, you tell yourself. How can we compete with giants like HSBC or Bank of China?

And then you hit on the idea. Hello Kitty VIP Banking!

Pamphlet found in bank

As my marketing friends know, when you’re trying to reach your target market it’s important to have the right messaging. You want to hit a chord with your customer, appeal to core values, establish a fast connection. Just like in the opening copy of this pamphlet:

“Women nowadays are well-versed in business and competent in many different roles in society, with a better position to achieve wealth accumulation. Dah Sing Bank understands the great emphasis modern women place on the quality of life. To accommodate you to pursue a quality and sparkling lifestyle, Dah Sing Bank is launching the Hello Kitty VIP Banking to provide you with professional and personalized financial services, allowing you to manage your wealth conveniently and flexibly.”

I like to think I’m a decent copywriter but I’m not sure I could have said it much better.

Ladies, to start on the road to a quality and sparkling lifestyle, visit Hello Kitty VIP Banking.

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