Bangkok, Different & Same


On my fifth day in Hong Kong, my job sent me to Bangkok for a conference. I’d never been to Bangkok and some things were very different. Yet other things were exactly the same.

For example, I met two Americans who teach in Kazakhstan. They took me to an interesting part of town where men lose a lot of money to see things I can’t describe on this blog. And I saw some things I could do without seeing again. Please use your imagination. It involes ping pong balls.

Here are a few innocent things I found that are very different.

Scene on the river

Special parking

And others, no matter where you are, are exactly the same.

New branding

Good ‘ol HMH

No show

It’s Tomb Sweeping Day


Tomb Sweeping Day, or the Qingming Festival, is a public holiday in Hong Kong. It’s a day that celebrates the arrival of spring when Chinese people traditionally would honor the dead by sweeping their gravesites.

Qingming means clear bright, so it’s also known as Clear Bright Festival.

For transplants who have been here 1 week a public holiday is also Laundry Day, Pay Final U.S. Utility Bills Day, and Start Looking for an Apartment Day-3 glorious holidays rolled into one.

Here is the Laundry Detergent Choosing Ceremony.

My New Life in Buildings


No geese

On March 26, I moved to Hong Kong to start a new job with my company. This is the view out my new office window, which is very different from the view out my last office window at The Compound.

Life above Starbucks

And this is where I’m allowed to live for about a month until my stuff arrives. This is the Fortress Hill neighborhood. I live very near the MTR, Burger King and McDonalds. Who could ask for more?

You can make 2 rooms

There is a retractable wall between the “bedroom” and “living room” so you can get some privacy from yourself. Mysteriously, someone comes every day and cleans.

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